My life with my wife and dogs

Currently I am living in Helmond, Noord Brabant, together with my wife Ramona Gruijters-Jerphanion and our two dogs Henry and Dido.

Ramona and I got married on the Saturday August the 20th 2022.

I have lived and worked for nine years in the Rotterdam area, where I also met Ramona. In 2016 we adopted our first dog, Canello. In 2019 we moved to Helmond and adopted a new friend for Canello: Henry. Sadly, Canello died in the early spring of 2022.

Henry (left) and Canello (right)

As Henry was very lonely without a second dog, we adopted Dido in the summer of 2022. And this was a hige change, as Dido was still a puppy and needed a lot of attention (also from Henry), very playful and really needs to do something with his energy.

Henry (left) and Dido (laying down) dressed for our wedding

We like to train the dogs and with Canello and Henry we also did/do agility.

Henry doing agility

There are also many movies made, please see:

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