Employment history

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I enjoy working on projects from start to finish: Start with the general requirements and concept sketches, and see the design take shape and become more detailed.

In my profession I focussed mainly on Engineering and Research & Development. In more detail, this means that I made (hydraulic and mechanical) designs, simulations, assisted with the control methods and made Engineering tools as well as User (customer) tools. The simulations and tools include the mechanics (geometry, forces, etc.) as well as hydraulics and the controllers. This is used as a Loads-on-Systems, is used to evaluate the capacity of the system, or to examine till what environment conditions a system can be used.

During my education as well as during my time at Huisman Equipment, I spent time abroad, which I enjoyed. While working for Allseas, I also went offshore for short periods of time.

Feel free to take a look at my curriculum vitae. The companies where I was employed (or still am employed) have their own page, including an explanation of the projects I worked on.