Topside Lifting System

The Topside Lifting System excists of 16 beams at the bow of the Pioneering Spirit, which can lift the topside of a platform of their jacket in a single lift, which is used for decommissioning of old platforms. It is also capable to install platforms in a single lift. The Topside Lift System is motion compensated in all three directions, making it a complex piece of equipment, also due to the combination with the large load.

The Pioneering Spirit in the Brent Field (near the Shetand Islands) just after the successful removal of the Brent Delta topside removal.

My contribution within the design team of the Topside Lift System is aimed at project specific requirements and system updates of the drive trains. Project specific questions are mainly about lifting or installation procedures and how the system can be used to obtain the optimal solution, while keeping all requirements (FMECA, lifting requirements, etc.) in mind. Updates of the TLS are mainly to achieve a higher or a more reliable performance. The large air system for the Z-drive is also one of the parts I am working on.  Furthermore, I made a drive tool which can be used within Allseas to calculate the settings for a lift or installation of a platform. Later on, I was also involved in some redesigns to upgrade the system.