Allseas is an offshore installation and construction company. Allseas has vessels which lay pipe lines and make the infrastructure on the seabed. A few years ago Allseas entered the market for installation and removal of platforms and jackets. Allseas recently also started with deep-sea mining. The most well-known vessels are:

  • Pioneering Spirit (Single lift installation and removal of large oil and gas platforms and installation of pipe lines)
  • Solitaire (Pipe laying vessel)
  • Audacia (Pipe laying vessel and seabed structure installations)
  • Lorelay (Pipe laying vessel)
  • Tog Mor (Pipe laying barge, special for shallow waters)
  • Oceanic (Support vessel)
  • Fortitude (Support vessel)
  • Hidden Gem (Deep sea mining vessel)
The Pioneering Spirit in the Brent Field (near the Shetland Islands) just after the successful removal of the Brent Delta topside removal.

At the Innovation department I am working on designs, simulations and modifications for the Topside Lifting System and Jacket Lift System of the Pioneering Spirit, as well as other smaller projects. Additionally, I set up Hydraulic courses for Allseas personnel.

The Pioneering Spirit seen from above at night

During my time at Allseas, I guided graduate students, just as I have done at Huisman Equipment. Guiding graduate students helps me to keep an academic view as well as improve my soft skills. This also demands an open view then only “doing your job”, as the (graduate) students ask more detailed and background information about the subject.

The Pioneering Spirit passing the Bosphorus bridge in Turkey