Jacket Lift System

The Jacket Lift System (JLS) is installed at the stern of the Pioneering Spirit. In general the fixed platforms (i.e. platforms which are supported on the seabed) are installed either on top of a steel structure (a jacket) or on concrete legs (gravity based structure). These steel or concrete structures stand on the seabed and are the support of the topside. The Jacket Lift System is designed to install or remove the steel structures (jackets) on which the platforms are installed. The JLS is installed at the stern of the Pioneering Spirit.

The Jacket Lift System at the stern of the Pioneering Spirit.

I joined the JLS design team during the concept phase. I assisted with the procedures, made an interpretation of the applicable rules and regulations, I made tools (Loads on System) which will be used by the design team and I made the basic hydraulic design of the upend system of the beams and the jacket supports (grillages). Allseas subcontracted all production, which means I was also involved in the follow-up after subcontracting for mainly the jacket supports. This includes the approval of detailed designs and shop drawings.

I was a system engineer for the grillages, for which I also took the lead engineer role later on. I was also the lead engineer for the pressure roller system inside the JLS beams.