Huisman Equipment

Huisman Equipment is a leading company for producing heavy construction equipment in the oil and gas industry, renewable industry and leisure markets. The main projects Huisman is involved in while I was employed there, can be distinguished into these groups:

  • Large and heavy  lift cranes
  • Pipe-lay equipment
  • Drilling and well intervention equipment
  • Amusement rides

My career at Huisman

From the end of 2011 I worked at Huisman Equipment as hydraulic engineer. During this job I noticed that my personal preference is to start a project in concept/sales phase and stay with the project till testing is done and it is handed over to the customer.

For Huisman equipment I worked on a number of projects, of which the most important projects are:

At Huisman I was asked to guide students at Huisman during their studies and graduation projects. I also joined the Sensor expert team.

To further support the clients of Huisman Equipment, I was involved in courses given to clients personnel by the Huisman Academy. I also taught basic hydraulics to other Huisman employees at the Huisman Academy.

For the new concept drilling vessels, I was involved in delivering concept drawing and diagrams.

Below you can find the (Dutch) certificate of appreciation (Getuigschrift).