Q7000 Well Intervention System

The Q7000 vessel is a semi-submersible vessel and has a well intervention system with a Multi Purpose Tower (MPT), riser tensioners, guide wires and two cranes of Huisman on board. Furthermore Huisman delivered deck skidding systems and other transportation means (for example for risers).

The Q7000 vessel main work scope is to overhaul excisting wells or to do maintenance to wells. This is for instance when a well is clogged or there are other reasons or risks why a well is requires maintenance. Coiled tubing or wirelining are examples of well intervention, where chemicals are pumped into the well to unclogg the well. The vessel is capable of drilling, but that will not be its main task.

Picture taken from http://i0.wp.com/gcaptain.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Picture-15.png

I started working on the project in the concept phase, delivering calculations on the Passive Heave System (inside MPT), riser tensioner system (in the moonpool area) and guide wire system (in the moonpool area).  It also includes concept drawings of the largest components such as cylinders, piston accumulators and pressure vessels. Furthermore basic calculations and drawing of the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) are made, including an overview of simultaneous operations.

During the engineering phase I worked especially on the riser tensioner system, as I made the complete hydraulic design and, together with a mechanical engineer, the mechanical design. This includes all diagrams, drawings and functional descriptions of the system, including the Anti-Recoil Valve (ARV) of the system.

Afterwards I kept the overview over the project during the production and testing of the systems. I visited the production location of Huisman China a couple of times during production and commissioning and I was the main contact person for client, class and yard for all their hydraulic questions.