Concept drilling vessels

For future drilling vessel projects, a project was setup within Huisman Equipment to create a concept drilling vessel, based on the latest state of technology and our latest client wishes. It gives a new drilling vessel order a head start, which means that delivery time will decrease, which is good for the client.

I worked primarily on the heave compensation systems (based on the latest rules and regulations) of the drilling equipment (Passive Heave Compensator inside the MPT and Riser Tensioners) and on the hydraulic, cooling and other water systems, air and nitrogen single line diagrams.

I delivered concept single line diagrams, concept drawings of the cylinders and pressure vessels and made a study for the HPU on simultaneous operations, based on operational procedures which can be done simultaneously. I also assisted on the mud and cement systems.

Another big advantage is that the basic design drawings of the vessel are made by the Huisman Naval Department. In colaboration with the Naval department, all transition points from Huisman to yard piping are made clear and numbered and are included in all Huisman drawings. This makes communication to the yard much easier for future projects and Huisman can deliver the information in an earlier stage in the project.